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I would like to know how can i get their homeowners insurance to pay me for my injury.

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I am a contractor for a cable company. I arrived at a job and as i started to walk up the outside temporary stairs. The second step came up on me causing me to fall backwards and landing on my back. i couldnt tell the steps wasnt screwed down because of the snow and ice on it. I went to a walk in clinic and they said i pulled a muscle in my back. I would like to know how can i find out their homeowners information to get compensated.

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Two things come to mind--First, you should have a workers' compensation claim to make. Second, you will probably have to sue the homeowner to get their homeowner's insurance to take care of you. Right now, make sure you can identify the address of the property and the owner of it, so that you can sue the correct party.

You should talk to a lawyer in your local community who handles both work comp and personal injury cases.

Good luck.


Sometimes a simple answer is inadequate because it answers the wrong question. This appears to be such a situation. The simple answer is that you may notify the homeowner in wrting and request that they have their homeowner's liability insurance carrier contact you. As you were in the course of your employment with the cable company you may benefit by exercising your workers compensation rights. Besides that there may be a premises liability claim and it may be the homeowner or yet another party who set up the defective temporary stairs that would have primary liability to you for damages. There are a number of reasons why if you are not feeling better already and only looking to clear up a medical bill that you would want to engage an attorney to assist. This is handled on a contingency fee basis. You may contact me if you wish to discuss further. Regards. Paul

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The best way to get the homeowners insurance information is to send them a demand letter.

You should think about getting a personal injury lawyer, if you have not already retained one.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss the merits of your claim. Please feel free to get in touch.

Good Luck.

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