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I worked in my overseas company for two years and then took L1A visa and went to US. After working in US for 1 year ..continued

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my US company decided to close down that company due to financial issues. So I returned back from USA and I continue to work for the overseas branch of the same company where I was employed earlier. My company is opening another company in the US now and have asked me to go to the US and head the operations there. After I have returned from US , I have worked in my overseas company since last two months. Am I eligible for L1 visa considering the fact that I worked in this company for over 4 years - 2 years in Overseas office, one year in USA and last two months back in the overseas office. Please advise.

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Were you a manager?
Will you be a manager?
Have you spoken to the company's immigration lawyer.

You should have answered all 3 questions with yes.

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I am a Vice President I will be a Vice President in USA company as well Our company does not have any immigration lawyer. My question is if I can apply for L1A visa now or do I need to wait for one year in my overseas office ? Given the fact that I have worked in this company since last 4 years.


It appears that you are eligible again for an L visa since you have worked for the overseas company for at least one year within the past three years.