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I worked for ponderosa steakhouse in kissimmee florida (westside) its a buffet which means the customer pays first then gets a

Davenport, FL |

table ,it was just my luck to get this table before i was cut ,it was the table from hell only 6 entrees purchased and 8 people sitting ,i asked them who is not going to eat so i can let my manager dennis know,i was called a azzwhole in spanish and they pointed to grandma and said shes n ot eating ,i left to hang tickets in back ,i come back out and theres 2 more guests i ask again whos not eating by that time a manager was walking with one guest and she was complaining about me being rude, next thing i heard was a loud bang and the husband stands up and runs towards me and he was screaming i shouldn't disrespect them he wanted to fight me i apologized to him for any misunderstanding ,manager laughed and told me if he had to refund them i was fired ,everything was caught on camera with audio

manager never asked me my side he just assumed i did something wrong i feel that was not a safe work enviroment for me and i hope ponderosa fixes this, in the buffet business this is an on going problem which management places on its servers , p.s at ponderosa if you dont make sure everyone has paid i would and will be responceable for paying for any unpaid guest and that was also told to me on camera with audio

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You can certainly talk with an employment lawyer about what happened. Generally speaking, employees can be fired for pretty much any reason though.

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