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I worked for an employer and accused of stealing they made me sign a letter stating this said it would be an internal matter

Pearcy, AR |

I worked for them for over six years and was accused of stealing they asked me to sign a letter stating this I was in shock I have never taken anything in my life! I signed the paper which I should not have and they said it would be a internal matter. and it stats that on the letter. they let me continue to work then 2 weeks later they fired me. I applied for my unemployment they made it where I could not get my unemployment Then I applied for another job with another company I was hired and I worked a week and they called the company and they let me go due to the old company I worked for. I feel that they slandered me and defamation of character. They said it would be kept as a internal company matter and would not leave that office and it states this on the letter I signed and they

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I don't know if you can have an action for them violating the agreement. However, you should never have signed it. Stealing from an employer is more serious than shoplifting. You could hire a lawyer who may be able to work out a deal for you whereby they won't provide a positive or negative recommendation. I would not give their name on any future employment application.

I dictate answers with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and sometimes I don't catch it when it occasionally types the wrong word such as probably when I mean properly. My answer is for general information purposes (a little more than entertainment) and I do not give legal advice without a personal consultation in New York. I am only licensed to practice law in the State of New York and my answer here pertains to a general question in NY.


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