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I worked for a large corporation and I was laid off. How can I obtain my pension payout if I did not work with a valid ssn?

Madera, CA |

I came to the US as a child and my parents brought me illegally. I have been working with a SSN that is not valid and does not exist with the Social Security Administration. I worked for a large corporation that offered a pension plan and was recently laid off. My profile was flagged as 'Bad SSN' and they are asking for proof, a copy of my social security card before I can cash out my pension. I continuously receive letters from Fidelity asking for this information because they want to pay out my pension...

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Attorney answers 3


I'd say you have bigger problems than trying to get that pension paid out.


You admitted to defrauding the U.S. Government and your employer. You now want a licensed attorney to help you get pension money? Be careful who you tell this story to.


I'm guessing the answer to the question you asked is "You can't."