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I work in the US under an E2 visa and would like to invest in a second company... Do I need a second E2?

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I am currently a manager for a multinational company working in the US under an E2. I would like to buy a small company (100 000$ - 200 000$ investment) and manage the company as a part time second job. The E2 I currently have was petitioned by the multinational I work for. Do I need a second Visa for the second company or can I manage both with the visa I currently have?
Also, if I leave the multinational, will I have issue renewing the E2 with the second company if the investment has already been done years before the renewal?

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Unfortunately, because you are an E-2 (key employee) and not an E-2 (principal investor) you can't do both jobs ... unless the multinational company you work for buys this second company and makes working at both locations part of your job.

As for you leaving the current company idea ... talk to an immigration attorney before you do anything like that ... it might be a problem.

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You will need authorization from CIS if in the US or from DOS if outside the US. This accomplished by filling with the appropriate agency. You shoul obtain legal representation for this.


I agree with me colleagues.

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