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I work in the dental field and I know a dental assistant that is being blackmailed In to doing dentist type work like fillings

Vista, CA |

And deep cleanings things he should not be doing but his employer the dentist is threatening him to fire or lower his pay if he does not do the work he is not supposed to do ... What can the dental assistant do ? He wants to stop but needs a job can he get in trouble even though he is being pressured by the dentist in doing such work ?? Please I'm trying to help my friend get out of this Awfull situation thank you .

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You can make a report to the Dental Board of California. here is the link:

Your friend can make a Dental Board complaint, and also a police report. Most of all your friend needs to stop notwithstanding the difficulties of finding replacement employment. Your friend is risking criminal prosecution, including jail time, along with onerous fines and loss of the Dental Assistant license for life. No employment is worth the jeopardy that your friend is at risk of by practicing dentistry without a license.

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