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I work in MA for a warehouse in Foxboro. This warehouse has some of the worst conditions I've ever worked under.

Foxboro, MA |

The bathrooms have NO trash barrels so toilet paper used and unused litter the floor, fecal smears are on the walls and to GET toilet paper you need to ask the manager for a roll. I've even discovered a dead roach once. The sink in the break room is disgusting never cleaned and always filled with used dishes that are left to mold. Most of the time there's no paper towels and definitely no utensils. The break room isn't big enough to fit everyone so a good majority of workers HAVE to eat out. There have been multiple issues with drug use as well. I'm just really sick of putting up with this and want to know if I have a really good case for a lawsuit.

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Just call the Foxboro Board of Health. I don't think this is a lawsuit matter.

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Thomas J Callahan

Thomas J Callahan


If you are in a union, report it to the union as well.



Would I have to reveal who I am and if so would it get back to my employer?

Thomas J Callahan

Thomas J Callahan


The BOH might take an anonymous complaint. Call on phone and ask, explaining your fear of retaliation. as Atty. Roher pointed out, there is strength in numbers. A joint complaint by a number of employees will carry great weight. OSHA and the state Dept. of Labor may very well take anonymous complaints.


I do not believe you have grounds for a lawsuit at this time since, among other things, you haven't suffered much harm, either economic or non-economic. If you report the conditions to OSHA and/or the Foxboro Board of Health and the employer retaliates against you and you can prove that the employer's action was in retaliation, you might have a basis for a lawsuit, in which the major element of damages would be your lost wages.

Consider also that even though you are not part of a union, you have the right under federal labor law to join with your co-workers to try to improve working conditions and the employer is not supposed to retaliate against you for doing so. If the conditions are as bad as you say, you probably are not the only person disgusted by them.

If you care whether or not you get fired, you may want to consult an employment lawyer before taking any of these actions, to weigh the probable outcomes.

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