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I work as a driving examiner for a state. At the center where I work many get angry at times and threatening. There is no

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security in the in the building. We sit behnind a counter with no windows that people can jump or reach over. The 2 doors behind us are locked at all times so we even have to get a supervisor to unlock the door so we can get to the bathroom. If there's a fire or if an outraged applicant pulls a gun or attacks we cannot get out so as to avoid attack. We have no way to flee as sometimes there is no supervisor there in the front so we have to exit through the lobby where the attacker would be. If someone were injured because of not being able to get out of the way is the state liable in some way because of their locking us in? This has been a concern because we have had some serious threats from people who could not get their license back. Manager says the state is exempt from liability.

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As stated in my earlier answer, you should consult a lawyer that specializes in OSHA violations. Best of luck,

Comments provided by S.Carlton Rouse are not intended to create an attorney/client relationship. In addition, the answer provided was based upon the limited information provided online, as such, any opinion/suggestion/comment could likely change after consultation and/or further review of the facts/documentation. For adequate legal advise, you should contact a lawyer and have a detailed consultation.

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