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I won my case from California labor board for Overtime . My ex employer is appealing in court . What are my chances

Riverside, CA |

I won the case from labor board for overtime from my ex employer. now he is appealing against the order in Court. what are my chances to win and how I should proceed.

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On appeal to the superior court, the case will start anew. You truly need an attorney to assist you in court, in order to comply with procedural rules and present your best case.

Additionally, attorneys' fees are allowed and will increase your recovery if an attorney is involved.

Please check the law of your state


To appeal a case from the Labor Commissioner, your former employer had to post a bond for the full amount of the ruling. The case will be heard as if the hearing at the Labor Commissioner's office did not occur. If you are owed overtime and prevail, your former employer will have to pay your attorneys' fees plus 10% interest on the OT plus waiting time penalties of up to 30 days' pay. Because your case is in court now, it is best to have counsel represent you. 949-481-6909.


To answer your first question, no one can tell you what your chances are.

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