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I woke up today to find a ticket on my windshield stating "obstruction of driveway" violation???

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I woke up today and had a ticket on my windshield stating "1K"(on the fine section of the ticket) and stating "Obstruction of driveway". I rent an apartment and driveway is literally in front of my house and the tenant of the home is ok with people parking in front of the driveway because there's no use for it. I need help in knowing what to do because I don't want to pay for the ticket if it was ok for me to park in front of my own home Please help.

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It is not ok for you to block a driveway unless it is your own. This means that you must be able to prove that the address where the ticket was issued is the same address where you live. If you cannot do that you may want to get a notarized letter from the person who has control over the driveway indicating that s/he gives you permission to park there. This isn’t a slam dunk but the best chance you have at beating the ticket.


I think it's a valid defense and you should fight the ticket!

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I believe that if you were able to prove that it was your driveway, or as you indicated that the owner, in essence, gave you permission to obstruct, then you could get out of it. You'd have to go to court with good proof, maybe a deed and the owner!

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