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I wish to sue the police departments, the dmv courts and the eastern regional jail, theirs three law suits why all the BS?

Martinsburg, WV |

I had a friend of the police department run into my vehicle in Martinsburg West Virginia the person ran into my vehicle out of rage and then came to me saying what the hell is my problem from that point I immediately called the WV state police and then went to see the damage this person put a small dent in my Lincoln continental no big deal right well he calls his buddies at the sherriff department and they called the state police department and said their going to take over the case the state police called me back on my cell phone and said they are going to give this to the sherriff department I thought ok. Well 10 police cars come to the accident and they huddle around the rude wreckless driver for around 5 minutes then come to me arresting me for dui wrongfully. I want to sue everyone!

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Recommend you worry about the DUI charges and hire a criminal defense attorney. You don't have enough money to "sue everyone", especially since the officers/sheriff's all enjoy a type of immunity from civil suits.

Also probably not a good idea to put your details in writing, in a public and open forum that authorities could use against you. Stay offline with any further comments about your situation.

If you have been wrongfully arrested, your attorney should be able to make short work of the charges.

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You can't sue the DMV or the Courts or any government entity absent some narrow exceptions. I agree, you need to defend the DUI charge. Good luck.

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