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I wish to gift property to my son, do I only need a Washington Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit and quit claim deed?

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I live in King County, of Washington state . I know that I need a completed WA Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit and Quit Claim Deed. What are the next steps in filing this paper work and property transfer? I asked the King County Treasury office regarding the process and they referred me to the King County Recorder's Office, but I have not been able to get any information from any of the staff at King County Recorder's Office about this.

I do not have any debt or liens on the property and there are no other possible questions regarding my ownership of the home and property.

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The reason you are not getting many responses is because a lawyer would want to understand WHY you are doing this, and if you have thought through the tax consequences, and a host of estate planning questions.

The rest of it - the mechanics of filing the QCD and the REETA are purely ministerial issues. You can pay an escrow office to handle the filing if you don't want to consult with an attorney; I'm not suggesting you need to, but there are tax consequences and estate planning issues that any attorney would want a lot more information with which to provide you with the outcome you are looking for, or at least help you avoid unintended consequences. Hope this helps.
Elizabeth Powell

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"I have not been able to get any information from any of the staff at King County Recorder's Office about this." WA statutes prohibit government employees from giving legal advice to the public. The staff at the Recorder's Office is not going to tell you (or anyone else) what documents to prepare. The staff will check the documents you present for recording to make sure the documents meet the minimum formatting requirements.

There are issues that you should think about before giving away your property. Your attorney would be able to help you explore those issues.

If you do not care about the issues or have already thought about them, you will also be needing to give copies of the Excise Tax Supplemental Statement along with the tax affidavit and deed to the Recorder's Office.

The forms and formatting requirements are free at: .

It may be simpler to hire an attorney or an escrow officer to prepare the forms for you.

Larry R Schreiter

Larry R Schreiter


If you are gifting the property, you as donor and the recipient will both also have to sign a supplemental statement that there is no consideration (payment) changing hands. This is to document under oath that there is no basis for any real estate excise tax.


You should discuss this with. Local attorney - who wold he able to prepare the required incumbents and provide you with legal advice regarding the gift - which may have tax implications.

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