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I wish to file a request for modification on an existing child support order. For the purpose of child support, I would like to

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complete the child support calculator on my own. However I need the income of the obligee to work the calculations. How can i get this information before I file the request with the courts?

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You can't. You can use their income as it was when the last support order was calculated. That figure will be included in whatever child support order or judgment currently governs your case. But if their income has changed since that time, that number will be inaccurate. You should only file for modification of support if you have good cause to believe that the other parent's income has changed such that the modification will be favorable to you.

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Diane L Gruber

Diane L Gruber


The asker can request a child support review if 3 years has passed since the last one, BUT should not do so unless he has a GOOD idea that the support will decrease. If he thinks the mother's income has gone up slightly and/or his has only gone down slightly, I would advise against it.


You can't get it until after you file. I strongly suggest you first calculate support based on several different incomes for other person. Keep in mind that once you start the process you can't stop it. Be sure the support will go down before you file.

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