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I will be 21 yrs old in july this year and a green card holder. my 5yr residency will commence in april this year.

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question: do i need to wait my bday to apply for my citizenship or i can start applying in april as it is my 5th yr being a US resident. thanks.

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You can apply 4 years 9 months after the effective date on your green card.

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You can apply even sooner. That is, within 90 days of the fifth anniversary. Good luck.

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You can send in your N-400 application within 90 days (or 3 months) of the fifth anniversary of your permanent residence. The exact date is on your Permanent Resident Card. (Be careful, if it is even one day early, USCIS will bounce it back to you and you will have to send it in again).

There is much more to applying for an immigration benefit than completing forms. Unless you have training in immigration law, you are likely not even aware of all the potential pitfalls. An immigration lawyer can protect your interests and prevent you from jeopardizing the ability of anyone to eventually become a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen. Some mistakes are reversible, while some are not. Do yourself a favor and consult a professional.

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I agree with my colleagues.

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Yu can apply 90 days (or less) before the 5 year anniversary of the residence (4 years and 9 months).

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