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I will be 17 in July. I want to know the rules and everything as to being emancipated in New York.

Ripley, NY |

I know that unless I'm 18, I can't leave home unless I'm emancipated. But I work 6 days a week and I believe I'm fully capable of living on my own. My father is a drug addict and my mother neglects me and favors my two younger siblings, from medical to financial attention. I just want to know all the details. I don't want to jump into such a process blind of rules and circumstances.

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Googling "New York emancipation" is a great start.


There are no set "rules" on emancipation. I'd advise to wait until you're at least 17, however. Despite having a job, you should be aware that moving out will most likely forfeit your right to any financial support from your parents, so you want to be very sure you're able to completely support yourself. For instance, if your plan is to stay with a friend, what happens if that no longer is an option? Your parents may not be so willing to take you back in. You're probably best advised to schedule a free consultation with a Family Law attorney in your area before "making the move."

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