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I went to the er and was never examined by a dr or? 9 weeks late, saying something is missing/wrong. Much pain.

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I went to the ER with a high impact wound and laceration to the chest ER after being bitten attacked and trampled by a horse. Some how I got hung up in the horse, metal brush and my sweat shirt and was dragged, spun around and almost choked to death until my sweat shirt tore apart and trampled. I checked it and was led back to a room. The nurse had just started asking me questions about what happened and where I hurt, she suggested we take a look for other injuries. My upper left check, upper lip and chin were struck? I could not tell what exactly was hurt. Dr walked in didn't come with in 5 or 6 feet of me, asked me if I'd ever had a head injury. I said yes, said I hurt my upper back it hurt to breath. He Said Tylenol is goimg to be your friend and walked out. No exam, no nothing.

The dr did no exam and and ordered no diagnostic testing. Nurse asked me if I wanted to at least get the would cleaned. I had the wound cleaned and she went out and asked the doctor for anti-biotics. I went to my own doctor a few days later. The report came to my dr as a closed head injury. I followed up a few days later as I could not move or even swallow spit. I've had PT for 8 weeks, it feels as if my chin is being pulled down to my chest. The PT therapest sent my doctor a note saying I needed to have an x-ray or some king of diagnostic and to see a ear nose and throat doctor, and thinks I have missing cartilage or broken ribs? My PRIM-dr refered me to a physical pain rehab specialist, she doesn't know whats missing thinks I have torn a peck? iPT (massage and stretching) and waiting to see someone else. Extent of my injuries is still unknown, the pain is still great.

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What are your injuries?

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You don't say what your injuries are. Where is the pain? Did they xray you at the hospital. You do not provide enough information.


What injuries?


It is hard to say because it makes no sense that the doctor would tell you you might have a torn pectoral muscle but then just send you to a physical therapist. Did they do any x-rays? Do you have any diagnoses?

Who owned the horse? You would likely not have a medical malpractice case but you could possibly have a case against the homeowner or horse owner, etc. You should definitely contact a local personal injury attorney. Good luck and get better.

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update 7/15/2012= gathering records, going to see there referral DR, much difficulty in swallowing, horseness, can barely eat or sleep, chin still being pulled down and the pain is severe. going to referral, as all request for imaging (mri) have been denied by my DR, even ask new DR at request of P/T referral DR said don't need it before I get there. It will be 90 days since blunt for trauma, and a penetrating wound and if I understand the definition complete hanging. 1000lbs divided by 2 times velocity, at 5pmh would be 2500ft lbs (500 x5), I googled the speed of impact internet says could be 70mph). There must be a minimum standard of care for a closed head wound (what they put), high impact blunt force trauma, high impact stab basically and imagine picking up a kid by the shirt scruff of the neck (off the ground), spinning around three.. four...five times? Until the material rips away and then run over. From what I researched I think I was basically treated for an animal bite, by care from the nurse. Trying to get a second opinion, trying to find RN advocate to help. P/T will not see me until someone does some imaging, they are concerned and want me to see EN&T, how ever I cant get a referral.