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I went to the dentist to get caps for my teeth and the dentist did some drilling and left a screw in my gums I had an infection

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I had some clindamycin and vicodin left from a previous visit that I used for my infection I still have the piece that was left in my gums what should I do I missed a week of work

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double request


Answered in another post.

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Same post, same answers.

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Only a tiny handful of lawyers handle dental malpractice claims, as there isn't much money in these cases, so you should Google "dental malpractice lawyer" to find a lawyer who review the case.


you have already posted this exact inquiry. Doing it a second time because you may not have liked the first round of responses does not mean you will get "new" responses that you will like more. Good luck.


It just isn't a case that can be litigated as the case is to expensive to pursue verse the degree of injury.

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