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I went to seek medical treatment after I suffered injury at work.

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However, the law firm withdrew as legal counsel after I denial the settlement offered because it was too low, and my case was dropped. The new law firm I retained withdrew as legal counsel after he found out there was a hearing for Deposition fees, attorney fees, and court cost, There is no lien placed from previous counsels, however, the opposing counsel refused to pay the medical bills. The doctors office refused to file the health insurance and threatened to send my bills to collection even though they were told the case was reopened and health insurance information is available to provided, but it was turned down. I was told the insurance company would denial the claim because it is too late. Can the doctors office turn my medical bills to collection even though the case is opened?

I tried to find the so-called third attorney but so far no luck, and the hearing is coming soon in less than a month. I don't have a lot of hope of finding a new one. I tried Avvo and emails a lot of Workman Compensation Attorney, but no response instead, and I wonder why. Anyone may have a fair guess? I feel hopeless, and it is a scary feeling to go to a hearing without knowing the law, or what to expect to defend myself when the opposing counsel has all the legal knowledge available. Do you think the judge would grant more continuance if asked?

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In most jurisdictions injured workers can not be billed for medical treatment arising out of a workers compensation claim. I would seggest you speak with a workers compensation attorney in your jurisdiction to determine your rights regarding this issue. You may wish to speak with the governmental agency which oversees workers compensation in your state.

The answering of this question does not constitute a attorney-client relationship. Further by answering this question the attorney has not agreed to represent inquisitor.


You may have difficulty finding a third attorney on a denied case. It may be more productive to contact the FL WC Ombudsman for assistance with your medical bills.

I represent Employers, but I can recommend Worker Attorneys in So Cal if you ask.

George Ellis Corson IV

George Ellis Corson IV



You might try contacting the local bar association in your county. Ask if they have a lawyer referral service for workers' compensation cases.

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