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I went to court in 2008 and had adjudication withheld for petit theft first offense can I buy a gun? also can I get my removed

Lakeland, FL |
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If you got a withhold you can petition to seal the record, but you cannot expunge it.

As to whether or not you (who is NOT a convicted felon) can legally purchase a gun I refer you to the following website:

I hope that this has been helpful and wish you the best of luck!

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I don't know of any state that bars the sale of a handgun based on a petit theft misdemeanor, even if convicted. Florida does not.

Getting your reord sealed can also be a time consuming process and requires some precision to make it go smoothly. Hire a lawyer to do the heavy lifting for you, but understand that while the court record may be sealed, the cyber world contains information about you that a court order won't cover.

Good Luck.

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You can most likely purchase a gun. When to do, there will be a check with FDLE as to whether you can, and you have to pay for that. You can get the record sealed most likely. But you will need to retain an attorney for this. The public defender does not provide those services.

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