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I went to a pain management doctor and he humiliated me then wanted to do an xray of my neck said he would give me an injection

Rolla, MO |

he said nothing about sticking me in my spine it crunched so badly he forced the needle in anyways I complained about how much it hurt during injection, they took the xray and the whole time I couldn't understand why he was treating me for something that did not hurt before went to ER, I am in serious pain now cant straighten out my neck constant numbness in my hands and went back to him told him what he did he said I be happy to do it again, I went there for simple pain management not treatment I have shueremans disease and have problems with my spine and arm my neck never botherd me before he injected me is there any real doctors in this state ?

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You may be on the wrong forum, but you can always consult with a lawyer about your issues. Most will consult with you for no money upfront. There's many on AVVO for you to choose from. Good luck.


All I can say is it is time to change pain management doctors.


Go to another doctor. You want a doctor who is compassionate and caring.



that was the 4th Dr I went to I haven't been able to work for 4 years now no transportation in the middle of missouri


Time for a new doctor.

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was the fourth dr I went to no transportation, am terrified of doctors now plus my adult adhd doesn't help was at the end of doctors I go to the er but have such panic attacks that I get treated for that and not the pain I checked in for

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