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I went in for arraignment for dui and the judge told me to get daily PBT"s. I was not given any paperwork explaining this.

Oscoda, MI |

I was just sent home. Is this normal? Nothing was explained to me. Like what the consequences would be if I missed days. Can someone tell me the Michigan rules about it works and how do I report the results of PBT"s. Thank you.

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Contact the probation department of the court ASAP to confirm the logistics of how you enroll in and submit to daily PBT's. Time is of the essence in your situation, so call the probation department ASAP! If the court finds that you have missed any of the daily PBT's, you may have to sit in jail while your case is pending. You should of course retain a local OWI Attorney to assist you in this process. I wish you all the best of luck. Warmest regards, Matt Catchick


sounds like you were supposed to make a trip to the probation office before you left the courthouse.


Contact the probation department ASAP. They also monitor people on bond-like you. Daily PBTs are fairly common with this offense. If you violate, your bond could be revoked-meaning that you could be locked up.