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I was wrongfully terminated on false gossip accusations i was awarded unemployment 1yr 4 mo ago could i file a law suit still

Kingwood, TX |

unemploynent office investigted and awarded me benefits but it bothers me that i was terminated

I recieved a call from a manager at another location and she stated that my deposit was wrong but that she found the error . I said oh here at my location we do our dep the way I did it there. However another employee that was listening to my conversation told my manager that I was talking bad about our location when in fact this was not true. Immediatly I was terminated on gossip. I called the person from the other location and I said could you tell my manager that I never called you and you called me . Im being wrongfully accused. She said yes I will she did call but my manager was just not listening. I never placed a call in the first place.

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Unless you had an employment contract or were a union member, it is actually legal for your employer to terminate your position based on gossip. Your employer was under no obligation to investigate what actually happened. Technically, as an at-will employee, your employer had the right to terminate your employment at any time for any reason or for no reason at all.

This answer is provided for guidance only. DO NOT rely on it as legal advice. We DO NOT have an attorney-client relationship. You should contact an attorney in your area for a one-on-one consultation before pursuing any action or making any decisions.

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