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I was wondering if it is possible to get my traffic violation reduced/dismissed and/or if I need an attorney.

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I was going 101 mph in a 65 speed limit zone. I was on the Dulles Greenway. It was a beautiful, clear day, with almost no cars on the road. I got pulled over and charged with reckless driving by speeding. I'm 17 and in highschoo. I was with one other friend in the car. I've never been pulled over before and have never broken any laws. 3.5 GPA student, 2 sports, a job that I need to commute to. I'm taking my car in to see if there are any issues that may relate to my speedometer being off (or to find an excuse as to why I was speeding). Mom's insurance would more than double and we would rather not have my license suspended and pay that hefty fine. I was driving an 03 Volvo s60 AWD. I know this sounds bratty but it's the truth. I learned my lesson. I'm taking driving school before court.

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Are you kidding? 101 miles per hour?? If you were an adult, you better be worried about jail. You need serious help NOW and you act like no big deal. Do you know where to take a car at that speed to get the speedometer checked? Do you know how to prepare the case for defense? Do you know what driving classes you better take before court? You better see an attorney quickly to begin preparing your case. And you are worried about mom's insurance rates?? You better be worried she is not cancelled by her insurance company or forced to sign an agreement with the insurance company that you will not not drive any of her cars. You will never convince a court with this dribble, you better hire a good experienced attorney now to get ready for your case. You are in serious trouble; wake up and treat this accordingly.



I only had a limited amount of characters so I couldn't show how much I regret my decision. I do know I'm in a huge amount of trouble and I'm not trying to pawn it off like it's nothing. I put my life, my friends life and everyone else who was on that road in danger and I now understand the implications of my actions. I'm going to a drivers safety course offered by the state that give +5 good points on my license. The reason why I'm trying to find so many ways to get out of this is because I know I got myself into a huge hole. I've put myself through a lot and my family has as well. I didn't come on here to get lectured again. I came on here for help, and you sir, offered me none. Next time please be more helpful. While my comment may not have seemed full of regret for my actions, I have much of it to show in person. Now instead of saying I need help (when that's exactly what I was asking for) how about you help me instead? Thank you.

Carleton Penn III

Carleton Penn III


I am trying to impress upon you to hire an experienced attorney now as the judges in Loudoun or wherever will treat this very seriously. There is also an Aggressive Driving Course you may take after the Defensive Driving course. At that speed, take the vehicle to M&M in Fairfax City; I think they may take car that high a speed. There are many other options that will be suggested to you to prepare for court, but it takes preparation. Not a lecture, just telling you there is a lot of work to be done that takes time. Feel free to e mil me at if you want more specifics.


Mr. Penn is correct. You need experienced local counsel. I have been on the Greenway and I know that it's an easy road to speed on, but the Juvenile Court judges in Loudoun County will take this extremely seriously. Meet with 2 or 3 lawyers (almost all will do free consultations) and explore your options before your court date.


No! You should be more worried about how to stay out of jail. This is not a minor situation in which you find yourself. You definitely need the help of an experienced reckless driving defense attorney who will hopefully keep you out of jail, and work something out so that you don't lose your license for the next 6 months. Good luck.

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