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I was wondering if I can file a lawsuit against my college for giving me the run around for 3 months before denying fin. aid.

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In a nutshell I had to go back and forth to my school, waste gas, submit document after document to finally be denied. I was first told that Ihave to go to to complete my application. Then I received a letter stating my application was completed successfully. 2 days later I received an email stating that I need to bring my passport to show proof of citizenship. Did all that and everything was fine. I then went to submit an income reduction petition (I was told to do so by the fin. aid dept) and they denied my petition because they said it has passed the Nov 2012 deadline, but I did not start this process until Dec. 2012. so after a few more trips to the school to speak about this I was told to appeal which was approved but they are now backing out and saying no. I have all emails

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These facts will not likely support a damages action. Claims and lawsuits are predicated on actions or omissions in breach of a legal obligation. Here, there is no legal duty that was breached by the conduct alleged. The school had not undertaken an "instant' review of your app, nor one with a pre-determined outcome.

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