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I was wondering if felons are allow to leave the country

Waynesboro, PA |

i have a possession of marijuana charge. n i want to go to guatemala next summer for school. im off probation january

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Some countries will deny entry in your situation. My best advise is to call the US Embassy in the country to which you are travelling.
Good luck


Leaving the country is not the issue. The issue is whether the country you are going to will let you in. Canada for example considers DUIs a felony and has refused folks entry to the country. Your best bet would be to consult with the Guatmalan consulate or embassay regarding their requirments long before you spend the money for the trip. If you have completed probation there should be nothing from the US end that will prevent your exiting the country.

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You are allowed to leave the country without a problem. However, the real issue is whether the country you want to visit will allow you entry. Best thing is to contact their embassy and find out if it would be a problem.


It does not sound like you are a felon. I think it will depend on Guatemala more than being allowed to leave the country.

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