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I was with a friend who attempted to shoplift. What can happen to me?

Westerly, RI |

Ok, so i was with a friend who tried to steal a pair of headphones from F.Y.E. Before he could put them in his pocket, the manager walked up to him and asked him to leave. After that unsuccessful attempt, he went into Radioshack and tried to steal another set of headphones only this time i wasnt in the store. He ended up getting caught and arrested. Can i get in trouble or will they give me a break?

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Not if you were not i the store. HOWEVER, your "friend" has a problem and if you continue to hang around with this person eventually you will also get arrested sooner or later. Do yourself and your parents a favor and stop hanging around with him. We become who we surround ourselves with. Good luck and think real hard about this. I have seen many kids ruin their futures by hanging with the wrong crowd.

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Give you a break? Why do you need a break?

You were an accomplice? (You were involved with the theft, even though you took no part in the theft – like a lookout or getaway driver.)

You were an accessory? (You assisted in the theft but you did not actually participate in the theft.)

If you learned of the theft and gave some assistance before the theft was committed you would be an "accessory before the fact". If you learned of the theft after it was committed and helped your friend conceal it or helped him escape, you are an "accessory after the fact".

You were a co-conspirator? (Even if the first theft was never committed, if the plan was made, and your friend picked up the sunglasses with the intent to steal them.)

If you were any of these characters, you could get in trouble and I don't know if they would give you a break.


If you were not charged along with your friend as a co-conspirator, then it is unlikly that you will face those charges in the near future. It is the burden of the prosecuting department to show that you were involved beyond a reasonable doubt.

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