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I was voluntarily deported from the chicago airport under I-275 clause.I am a student of P.hd at the Tri-valley university in CA

San Diego, CA |

The immigration officer did not specify a reason for my voluntary departure,however I know that the reason might have been that i did not a flight directly to CA and was visiting Michigan for a training for few days.I did try to convince the officer but he did not listen to me.he said that he could not allow me to enter the U.S today and would have to re-apply for a visa again.I was immediately asked to book a flight and had to leave.The officer cancelled my visa and stamped saying voluntray departure.

I was given I-275 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) and had to fly back to India.The officer who handled my case assured me that it was not deportation or removal but me withdrawing my apllication to enter the US that time. My question are: 1. what could my chance be in getting approved for immigration to the US with I-275 212 (a)(7)(A)(i)(I) on record be?

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