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I was turned down for a job because it turned out I have a warrant from 2007 for theft by check that I didn't know about.

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I did not live in the town the warrant was issued, did not have a bank account. Also the warrant was issued under my maiden name. My name had changed in 2006, and I did not have a bank account since the 90s. I got a credit check after that to find a bunch of debt I did not know about from 2007 too. I think I was a victim of identity theft but I am worried about going to jail. I can't get a job now too. What can I do?

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Well you'll need to hire an attorney to deal with the criminal case obviously. You'll dave to post a bond up lift the warrant. You can make an identity theft claim through the DAs office and the local sheriffs department. Its tricky because they are going to assume your guilty. So you may have to clean the criminal case up first before they'll listen to you. Your attorney will be able to help you with the process.

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The warrant will require you to deal with the criminal case first and foremost. Once you are dealing with that you can look into ID theft. Be careful in doing so, filing false claims of ID. Theft is a state and federal crime.


Retain an attorney to look into this for you.

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