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I was treated horribly at er, loudly ridiculed to other patients refued my pain meds and hipaa violated, im hurt and furious

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gown thrown at me ,ridiculed to other patients, mad because i couldnt get up and go to ua myself, refused to help me with gown, with held my shot dr perscribed until i got up and dressed alone, abusive treatment overall . i have never experienced anything to compare it to and i am 51 years old. he refused to let others help me, i was taken by ambulance so it should be obvious that i couldnt run around the hospital. i had extreme pain in right side and he must have been the head nurse because everyone followed his orders. he finally gave me a partial dose of the pain med the doctor irdered, only because someone from adm came and asked him to. him to. he refused to give me moire until i got up and put my own gown on. he loudly ridiculed me and mde fun of myt diagnosis to all. i am so humi

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The HIPAA statute does not provide a civil remedy for violations of medical privacy, unfortunately. From the perspective of a medical malpractice claim, you would not have a viable lawsuit because you did not suffer an extensive physical injury. Poor bedside manner generates lots of phone calls to lawyers but doesn't add up to a winnable lawsuit.



marc in my case i had written violation and damages as a result, also send home with out oxygen even thoough required to have it 24 hours, it came severalhours later, problem at alot of bad stuff done to me in the er and and with doctors, list is long and i need a good lawyer. in one case i was on a floor with out air conditioning this was on the 4th of july. i have extreme breathingproblems it was hell. i have had pain med with held unless i agreed to have a test do ne.


Your claim lacks damages. If the doctor's or nurse's actions had caused you injury you may have a claim. Sadly, being humilitated is probably not enough to justify bringing a claim. You may consider making a complaint to the hospital about the nurse's behavior. Good Luck.

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Thank you for yourre sponse.I contacted the hoplspital and after about six months I got a response the nurse was talked to and wont do again. Due to thecruelity im filing the civil rights forms. Thank you. I just want it to never happen to anyone again.



also try reporting it to the states nursing board at least will have a mark on her record and then maybe if given enough might add up to something

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