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I was told in 08 that I had idopathic pulmonary fibrosis after years of worring when an I going to die and what is going to happ

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Biopsy 08 halifax meet with transplant team of mayo clinic 08 now told only have copd and emphysema

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Regardless of the diagnosis you are still a candidate for the transplant, correct? I am not sure how this misdiagnosis harmed you in any way. I am interested however, to know if you are a smoker since the majority of COPD/emphysema is caused by smoking. I don't know how long you have smoked but you may want to contact a tobacco lawyer to see if you have a claim.



I have smoked for about 30 yrs just after joining the Army.


Not sure what your question is. Are you disputing the new diagnosis? Are you now off the transplant list?

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Not on list and first diagnosis is the one that was wrong.


I'm sorry to hear about it, but I don't see a question



I was diagnosis and told that I would need a double lung transplant which was wrong i only as of new diagnosis and being alive I only have copd and emphyema I've had to live my life expecpting to die as had my family because of the diagnosises of a fatal lung diease ,I feel like a fool

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