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I was the beneficiary of a cd when my father passed away. Is it legal for my brother to sign it who is the trustee and deposit

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it into my trust and then take the money out to pay for estate taxes?

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I am sorry for your loss.

Your question is interesting but I think you have left out some important facts. Under the general rules, when someone dies, a bank account can pass to a beneficiary many different ways. If the CD is in joint name, the assets pass immediately to the survivor. If the CD has a beneficiary, the CD passes directly to the beneficiary upon death. However, if the CD is in the name of a trust, the CD passes to the trust. If you are the beneficiary of the trust, the trustee generally has the right to pay bills out of the CD, before the money will go to you, as the beneficiary.

So, we need to know more about how the CD was owned by your father before his death in order to give you a definitive answer. I am sorry that I cannot be more specific.

Why don't you try to find out how the CD was owned and write back to us here at AVVO. Then we can give you a more specific answer.

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It depends on three things: the ownership of the CD, the terms of your father's Will, and the terms of the Trust. Without specific knowledge of these things, it is difficult to give you a clear answer. I do think that it seems unusual that the funds would be deposited in your trust first, then removed to pay for estate expenses - it is possible that there is a misunderstanding about that. Typically, funds would be deposited to the estate account, expenses paid, then the balance of funds distributed to the appropriate beneficiares, such as your trust. If you were the named beneficiary of the CD, your brother should not have been able to access the CD at all, so perhaps you could seek clarification from the bank. It is possible your brother claimed the CD as either trustee of a trust or executor of your dad's estate. You might also simply ask your brother to explain what he did. Good luck.



The cd was in my name and someone forged it didn't find out about this until my attorney compelled him for an accounting. Also took $800,000.00 worth of cd's and annuities from two step brothers and did the same and one brother is illliterate and forged his signature as well.

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