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I was terminated from my job for violation of Employee Code of Conduct. I was interviewed by the loss prevention manager....

Billerica, MA |

This process spanned for over three hours, during which I began to have a serious panic attack, and informed him that I was unable to continue. He persisted even though I told him I could no longer comprehend what was being said, and informed me that if I left, it would be considered voluntary resignation, which I wasn't going to do, because I loved my job. He wanted me to read and sign a printed statement even though I was beyond any comprehension by then. He insisted on proceeding and read it to me, and although I signed it, it was not until the next day that I could understand was was written. I complained to the company that I felt that I was improperly treated, and felt harassed, which is also against their code of conduct, but no one would listen. I am receiving unemployment for now.

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Based upon the facts you have provided, you very well may not have been competent to understand what you were signing and you may be able to argue that your were coerced into signing this document, and that you do not agree with any facts therein. There may even be some common law tort claims that can be brought against your employer. The best thing to do is to set up a meeting with an employment or labor law attorney and explain everything that happened. That lawyer will then be able to determine if you have a cause of action, or even just should write a demand letter requesting you be reinstated and the document be stricken from your personnel file.

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Thank you so much for your insite, Mr Goldstein. I have been dealing with so much chaos since this happened, and I am trying to get my life back in order, but I would like to set up a meeting with you soon to go over everything. Thank you! Tamara