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I was terminated for unprofessional behavior.I had recently field a FMLA for my medical disorder.Adhd which makes me excitable ,

Slidell, LA |

Will i be denied for unemployment there reason was due to my disorder which they brushed off as not the reason,, when they let me go my supervisor seemed relieved? I was employed there for 5 1/2 years.But my disorder was getting worse resulting in me needing to request fmla .which my supervisor took hard.They received all my medical documentation for my disorder 4 months prior and since then i had received random write ups for the same reason.

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Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law protecting disabled employees, an employee who is fired for the effects of the disability is considered to have been fired on account of the disability- that is, illegally.

I don't know from your question whether you qualify for protection under the ADA (your disability has to "substantially" effect "one or more major life activities").

As for the FMLA, it doesn't sound like your employer violated it because you weren't terminated for absences, etc. However, I think that it is worth talking to a lawyer about this.