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I was terminated for social media and needed assistant filing an appeal

Ennis, TX |

I was working for a company that terminated me for social media reasons. A local newspaper put an article in the paper of some charges that I was being charged for and they terminated me for social media. I read the policy and all it relates to is about facebook, twitter, you tube etc. not for my situation.

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I don't really understand. Were you fired because the article was put on social media or something you did on social media?


Texas is an employment at will state. Typically, unless an employee has an employment contract, or is employed under a collective bargaining agreement through a union, the employer can modify or terminate the employment at any time with or without cause. If an employer, at any time, decides they no longer want to employ someone, for any non-discriminatory reason, that employee can legally be terminated. However, an employer generally cannot modify or terminate the employment for prohibited discriminatory reasons (such as racial discrimination), or in retaliation for certain protected actions (such as whistle-blowing). The situation you describe does not appear to constitute prohibited discrimination or retaliation.

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I don't follow your situation but a Texas employer can terminate employment for any non-protected reason.