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I was terminated because I entered incorrect information on timesheet 5 times, the reason being is I was on pain medication

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I was terminated from a company because I entered incorrect times on my time sheets keep in mind I do not have a history of this behavior and was not warned, I made errors by minutes on five separate occasions within a weeks time. The reason I made those mistakes is because I was taking pain medication for an injury sustained while on the job. Management wanted to terminate me because I was on restrictions from my doctor which caused me to have to sit the majority of the day. My question is, Will I have a case with the EEOC for this? I feel I was discriminated against because of the fact that I transferred in and wasnt properly trained on the policy and procedures but was repeatedly written up for not complying with them and got injured on the job.

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In response to your question, based on the vague facts set out in your post, I cannot offer a definitive opinion as to whether you have a case with the EEOC. From your post, as best as I can tell, your only EEOC eligible claim would be disability discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended. Unfortunately, due to the limited facts in your post, I am not sure if you are "disabled" or "perceived as disabled" under the Act. If you provide additional information I might be able to offer a more useful response.

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If you were terminated for reasons related to your on the job injury, you could have a great workers compensation claim. This would be a great place to get started. Most if us offer free case consultations.

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