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I was terminated after a HR Rep told me I could not be terminated for anything related to my condition(pregnancy).

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3 physicians took me off work after I miscarried my twins. Before I could even push the festal matter out my manager called me at home and terminated me for being taken off work.

Sorry, I am new to this site. Here is some more info. I found I was pregnant and was giving restrictions. I gave them to my manager who decided to put me in a transitional work program, which is what they call it when they try to accomadate employees with restrictions. Part of the programs is not being able to have occurances or be terminated for the condition you are in the program for. They call a representative over and all parties agree to the terms, manager included. My manager agreed and I double checked more than once about the termination clause. Each time the representative confirmed I could not be terminated for things related to my pregnancy. I saw three physicians who all felt it was safer for me to be off work until I finished miscarrying my twins. All of them gave me paperwork. Before I could turn in paper work from the 2nd and 3rd doctor my manager called me

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You should contact an employment discrimination attorney immediately.

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You should contact an experienced employment attorney. It is unlawful for an employer to terminate you because of pregnancy. However, if you were terminated for violation of attendance policy, failing to call in, or refusual or inablity to do your job, you may have been lawfully terminated. More information is necessary to fully evaluate your claim.

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