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I was terminated (laid off) from my employer.

Mesa, AZ |

When I received my final check from them, they had deducted $1640 from the check, which was the balance of a $2500 loan I received from them last year. I searched on line and found information that says that in Arizona, unless there is a payment on demand or acceleration clause written in the agreement, they cannot demand payment on the loan.

The loan agreement has no mention of either clause. I sent a certified letter (return receipt requested) with a copy of what I'd found and requested that they repay me the money incorrectly taken from my check. I received the return receipt 2 weeks ago, but they have not reponded to my letter (apparently ignoring it).

What should I do now? Is there a govt agency that can help me, do I need to find an attorney or what?

Thank You


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If it is true that the loan agreement does not justify the deduction, then I would argue that they have made themselves liable under the treble damage statute. That's about $5000, which puts you in Justice Court. You can try it on your own, but if the company shows up with a lawyer, you need to get one.


You can file a claim with the AZ Industrial Commission, Wage and Hour Division. They will investigation wage claims that are under $2500. You may be entitled to treble damages. Good luck.