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I was subpoenaed as a witness and I dont want to go!

Wayne, PA |

I do not want to go to court, I donot want to get involved. This drunk guy came to the shop and left in a car my boss called the cops and I didnt know I had an option not to write a statement then, now im being subpoenaed and I donot want to go, I do not want to be involved. Will I be fined or imprisoned if I dont show up? My fiancee called the officer and the district court and left a firm message regarding how I do not want to be involve and he never called back..

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If you've been properly served with a subpoena, it's a court order to appear on the date and time on the subpoena. Ignoring it can only end up badly for you - the court could issue a warrant for your arrest for disobeying the subpoena.

You may have had an option to write a statement for use in the investigation, but if the case is going to trial, they would need your actual attendance and testimony.

The best I can suggest is that you contact whoever subpoenaed you and see if they can excuse you for any reason.


It's not an invitation, it's a subpoena, and ignoring it or trying to get out of it is a bad idea that could subject you to contempt prosecution and a bench warrant.

You should do your civic duty by being a witness, just as you'd want some bystander to do the same for you if you needed a witness in some case you were involved in.

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