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I was stopped in Meijer for shoplifting, showed my receipt and was able to leave

Canton, MI |

I was in Meijer with a Dyson vacuum, two different employees asked me about the item and I showed them the receipt. I purchased the vacuum months ago and was going to exchange the item but they did not have what I wanted. Once outside the store, two more, under cover employees stopped me and again asked to see my receipt, I showed the receipt, the woman argued with me and asked me to go into the store. I said no because I didnt do anythng wrong and she said she would check the tapes. Well today I got a call from the police dept asking me to come in as they are issuing a warrant for my arrest. What can I do? Will they arrest me and keep me once I go talk to the officer?

Thanks for the response Cynthia. I actually did not see your response until after I met with the officer. I showed him the receipt, which he questioned why it was from a prior date... I did not purchase it the same day I was going to exchange it. The officer also told me that they have a video and that he is going to request a warrant. I dont understand why I wasnt held at the store, the day of, if it were a problem? The woman wouldnt have even known who I was had I not walked to my car with them, obviously if I were trying to be slick, I wouldnt have done that~

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Do not go talk with the police without a lawyer. If they are issuing an arrest warrant, you will need a lawyer any way. You do not want to talk with them to provide them with any ammunition. They will twist your words. Either post a cash bond or talk with a bondsman about posting your bond.


They don't have to keep you at the store, especially if they are unsure if you have done anything wrong. They will normally do exactly what they did which is confront you in the parking lot, get a name maybe license number and track you down. I have dealt with a similar situation where the client was returning items previously bought and was charged with shoplifting only to have the case dismissed after it was pointed out that the undercover employee's fabricated evidence.

If you feel you need an Attorney if you are in fact charged please feel free to contact our office.


Do not go in and talk to the police. If they are issuing a warrant you are going to need to get an attorney anyway and he or she will certainly advise you to not speak to the police. Hang on to the receipt and the merchandise. Make an appointment with and hire an attorney now to assist you in the process of getting yourself turned in on the warrant and getting you through the arraignment process. If a warrant has been issued already there is nothing you are going to say to the police that is going to prevent them from arresting you.