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I was stopped by a cop and was given a "Possible Minor in Possession w/ an alcoholic beverage" what does that mean?

Saint Simons Island, GA |
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Your admission is what the officer is depending on to accuse you of possessing (drinking) alcohol while being under the age of 21. If you can afford counsel, you should consider hiring an attorney to possibly resolve this matter in a way that does not affect you negatively in the future. Best of luck to you!


To convict you of a crime, the State has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you possessed alcohol. Without the breath test, all they would have to go on is your admission. However, a good lawyer should be able to cast some doubt on that. If you are underage, how does the officer know that you even knew whether what you had was alcoholic or not? Can you name all the brands of non-alcoholic beer on the market? If someone handed you one and you drank from it, would you know the was no alcohol in it?

You should also check out my legal guide on Diversion Programs and expungement, as it may be relevant to your case.

Either way, you should hire a lawyer to help you through this.



Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense of me. I'll definitely check that out! Best, -Minor


I would suggest contacting an attorney like either of the two who answered previously or if you want to try and find one in your area here on AVVO you can select "Find a Lawyer" at the top of the page. Good luck.


First - you should retain an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you!
Second - Your "admission" to drinking will be the main evidence used against you in court. I advise clients to not take any field sobriety test "breathalyzer" or admit to drinking in this type of situation. If the officer didn't find any alcohol containers in your possession and you weren't overly specific in your admission to drinking you may have a viable defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney in your area may be able to address these issues and obtain a favorable result.
Finally - a conviction will remain on your criminal history in Georgia for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Please take these charges seriously and make every effort to defend yourself!
Good Luck!!! George McCranie

The information provided in this response to a question is not legal advise and is provided only for general information purposes. My response should not be taken as legal advise as no attorney / client representation exists. Additionally, the information given in this answer is specific to the State of Georgia only and should not be applied to any other state.

George F. Mccranie IV

George F. Mccranie IV


If you were driving when you were "stopped" you could also face a Suspension of your Drivers License.

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