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I was stopped at a Walmart for shoplifting please help me i'm begging.

Elizabeth, NJ |

It took place in New jersey, I have a clean record, police were called, I didn't sign anything or get fingerprinted,A paper holding the content:
"if you would like to resolve the issue of civil damages prior to receiving additional communication, Call 800-236-7428, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00pm. Central stranded time or send an email to"
The officer told me outside I would get a letter in the mail to show up to court.
I called the number that was provided they said they wouldn't have any info on the incident till a week & a half or two weeks. What do I do please be my help me and thank you in advance.

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You are talking apples and oranges. The court notice is for a disorderly person's offense of shoplifting. That is criminal in nature (but not a crime if under $200) and heard at Elizabeth Municipal Court. The civic demand is civil in nature and is in lieu of a suit. I doubt they will sue you for that little so payment for the demand may not be necessary. But it can be used to try to get a dismissal. An attorney can do this much better than you can yourself. Judge Marshall is a good guy and Ashton Thomas is a reasonable prosecutor. I suggest an experienced criminal defense attorney. Call my office with more information.



Would I have to go to court if I get the charges dropped and how would I go about getting the charges dropped?


You should hire an attorney to get this taken care of. You don't want to have shoplifting on your record. An attorney would likely be able to get it reduced to a non criminal violation.

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