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I was sold a vehicle by a seller who is not on the title. Seller has not produced the vehicle and will not answer phone.

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I went to purchase a vehicle yesterday and paid cash. The seller gave me the title and I went to get the vehicle registered so I could return with a tag and drive it home. When I got to the dmv I saw that the title was not in the sellers name. So I can not register it without the signature of the person who sold it to him and the bill of sale for that transaction. I returned to pick up the car and the seller was not there and the vehicle was not there. This was at his place of employment. He then started giving me excuses all day why he could not meet to hand over the car and keys. It has now been 24 hours since the purchase, the seller will not answer his phone, and has not produced the vehicle. I have no receipt for payment but do have multiple witnesses. I have his address, work address, full name and drivers license number. I have the title in my possession but his name is not on it anywhere. What should I do/ Can I do?

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You need to contact the police as you may have been the victim of a fraud/theft. You also have civil remedies. Therefore, you should consult an attorney. However, depending on the amount of your loss (i.e., the money you paid) you may be able to sue him yourself in small claims court.

Good luck.

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