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I was so harassed and bullied at my job that I quit.I have to appeal to get my benefits. Can I win if I quit voluntarily?

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I was working as a third party proposition player in a casino. A customer unjustly called me a racist white b***h and began a campaign of relentless bullying and intimidation that persisted for 6 weeks past my initial report to my supervisor. In spite of being informed of this, the casino did virtually nothing to prevent it. I was so intimidated and demoralized, that I quit. I had lost all my id and birth certificate, green card in a fire prior to being hired there six months before and was only licensed for that casino. I could not get licensed for any other casino without my actual green card., so transferring was not possibie. The casino supervision was so lax that a customer physically tried to push me and my bank off the table. The casino said I was at fault. I felt unsafe & quit.

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You are not qualified to receive unemployment benefits if you voluntarily quit. However, that term has a very precise meaning to the EDD and there are several ways you can decide to leave your job and still qualify for benefits. Please take a look at the following two links for a thorough explanation of the concept of "voluntary quit" as that term is used in determining unemployment benefits.

Good luck to you.

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. Since you resigned, to qualify for unemployment benefits, you would have to provide EDD with facts showing that the working conditions are so unsatisfactory as to be intolerable to a reasonable person genuinely desirous of retaining employment and prior to leaving work the person has taken steps to preserve the job, so that there is good cause for leaving the work. California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Section 1256-23(b).

The EDD provides useful information on a voluntary quit.