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I was shot in the back with an arrow while in a dog park. I feel guilty about suing , should I get over this guilt?

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I had no idea i was shot with the arrow until others at the dog park told me. I was rushed to the hospital and had to have it surgically removed. I was luckily sparred my life. It could have very closely hit vital organs. It was a father and son target practicing in their backyard. They did not even bother to check to see where the arrow went after they saw a hole in their fence. The police had to find them even though I'm sure they heard the police cars and emergency vehicles in the neighborhood. I feel that they were extremely neglegent.

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Negligence law compensates for actual damages, not what 'could have' happened. Nonetheless, shooting target practice towards a public area where it is known that people are gathered appears to comprise fairly clear breach of duty. Think about it and at least take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney. [More At Blue Link Below]

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You shouldn't fell guilty. That's what insurance is for.

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Assuming they have a mortgage on their house or, if renting the landlord has a mortgage, then they will surely have property insurance that will cover personal injury caused by activity on the premises. A good personal injury attorney will only charge a third of what you recover from the insurance company. Call my office or another Avvo rated lawyer to take your personal injury case. Don't feel guilty you are entitled to receive compensation for your close call


You were shot in the back with an arrow. No need to feel guilty. You are entitled to pain and suffering. Get a good personal injury attorney in your area. Good luck.

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A personal injury lawyer will likely be able to collect from the homeowner's insurance carrier.


You should not feel guilty about filing a claim against the homeowner. It should be covered by their homeowners insurance. If they have no homeowners insurance, filing suit might be an exercise in futility anyway. Those that do not carry homeowners insurance typically have no assets against which a judgment could be recovered.

Shooting an arrow toward a public park is very negligent and arguably reckless. You should not be forced to bear the burden of medical expenses and other damages due to the negligence of the father, no matter how sympathetic the situation might seem.

This is not intended as legal advice but as a general overview of the topic. This answer does not in any way create an attorney client relationship. Every case is different and personal injury law can be quite complex. There is no substitute for the individualized analysis and evaluation of your situation by experienced personal injury attorney.

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