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I was sexually harassed at work. I reported it. The manager that sexually harassed me was good friends with the store manager.

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The manager reported it to the home office. They said it was invested but unconfirmed. I was not given anymore details. I did not know at the time that he admitted making the sexually demeaning comment to me. I received a good 90 day review prior to this incident. After I reported him, I could not do anything right. I received poor work performance reviews, denied raises, promotions. The store manager made negative comments about me to mutual friends of ours. She discussed my personal health information. The manager that sexually harassed me has sexually harassed other employees, discriminated against employees based on their religion, has thrown objects at coworkers causing bruising, and other things. He has been repeatedly reported yet he has suffered no repercussions. Can we sue?.

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I suggest you contact a lawyer to discuss this issue. You're welcome to call me [(214) 803-2418; free consultation] or call another lawyer. One of us will be able to guide you on how to properly handle this matter.

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It definitely sounds like it may be retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment. You may have claims against your employer both for the underlying sexual harassment allegations and retaliation. You need to speak with an employment lawyer soon because there is a limited time frame to file your claims.


Take Mr. Cohen up on his generous offer.

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From what you've included here, it definitely sounds like you likely have valid claims for a hostile or offensive working environment and retaliation. You most likely have a federal claim under Title VII and then state claims under Texas law. I agree that you should contact a local employment lawyer immediately to make sure you exhaust your administrative remedies and get the ball rolling on your claims. The fact that there is considerable evidence of your manager engaging in this type of inappropriate conduct before only strengthens your case.

Joe Larson

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Call Attorney Cohen. It sounds like retaliation. Mr. Cohen's offer for consultation will help you get on the right track.

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