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I was sexually abused in the past by someone in a different state than I live now, what are my options?

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I was sexually abused by my mom in Fl from a small age until my sisters and I moved out and in with my aunt because my parents left us with her. I am now 23. My sisters are all minors. My parents never terminated their rights or gave her custody. All my parents did was make my aunt power of attorney for some decisions. My mother has decided she wants my sisters back after 5 years of not having them. If I report her in Missouri what will happen since the abuse occurred in FL and what will happen to my mom...will it prevent my sisters from having to go with her and will the police talk to her?

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This is a very delicate situation and I am sorry that you went through this. When you report the matter to the authorities they will transfer that information to your mothers location which will impact her ability in the future to have custody of minor children, or if you don't think that is fast enough then call the local department and follow it up with a written affidavit and have someone notarize it, take care and I hope you are ok.

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Call which local dept. In fl? And what is a written affidavit? What happens and what do I do once it is notarized. This is all happening fairly quickly is why I ask. Thank you.

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