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I was sexually abused by my dad when i was about 10 years old. i am currently 18 years old. can i sue him now?

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when i was a child i went to visti my dad, he was a tad bit intoxicated but fully aware of what he was doing. he tod me not to tell anyone because he could get into alot of trouble. he sexually abused me. to this day i am still haunted by what happened and i havent told a sole. am i able to sue him?

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You need to contact a lawyer who handles personal injury lawsuits. You need to do it reight away. In many states the time to bring a lawsuit is limited to a few years or less. In the case of a minor it is often extended until the person is 18. the time after turning 18, however, may be very short.

The type of case you have is for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and possibly other claims. These are lawsuits for money. Usually a lawyer takes a percentage of the money collected as a fee and yo don't pay anything up front. This is called a contingent fee - he get paid if you win ut not if you lose.

You might also contact the local district attorney or police department in the town where the abuse happened. It is still a crime. They can't get you money, but they can bring a criminal action against you father. This is particularly important if you have younger brothers or sisters who are now going through what you went through.

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