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I was sexually abused at the age of 15 and then 16 by a 28 year old man and got pregnant 36 years ago in Nassau County, NY.

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I raised the child on my own. She found her father 3 yrs. ago. His DNA test proves he is the father I have only now admitted to myself that my anxiety disorder is from this man. Can I press charges or have some sort of compensation?

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As the other attorneys stated, it is beyond the statute of limitations for any civil redress. The law now removed the statute of limitations in certain types of sexual offenses, but I don't believe it would be applied to your case, as it was not enacted very long ago. Perhaps you could inquire with the the District Attorney's office. They are the only ones who could bring the prosecution anyway. I really don't think that you will get your day in court. I'm sorry about your situation.

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I am sorry for what happened to you. To answer your question the answer is no too much time has elapesed and the statute of limitations has run.

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No. The statute of limitations passed many years ago.

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