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I was served with a summons an complaint by a collections agency. They refused to send me a copy of the alleged debt.

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I filed a counter lawsuit alleging lack of due process. We met with a mediator but were unable to resolve the issues. A Trial date was set. We had a family emergency in Arizona and were unable to attend the hearing. I met with an attorney prior to the hearing and she requested a copy of the alleged medical bill, the collections agency never sent the attorney the bill. I called the Court and the collections agency the day before the hearing date and were unable to reach anyone, I left voice mails to no avail. I now have a "general" judgement. My counter lawsuit was never addressed by the courts. how do I proceed now? Can I appeal the judgement? and what is a "general" judgement?

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From your description, it sounds as though a final judgment has been entered against you, ending the case. If you did not attend your arbitration hearing or trial, the arbitrator or judge likely ruled against you as to your counterclaims.

If you requested proof of the debt and the collection agency did not provide it, you may have a claim against the collection agency. You should contact an attorney to help you assess this. Most consumer attorneys will offer a free consultation.

You can attempt to vacate the judgment entered against you by filing a motion with the court. Again, it would be best to speak with an attorney to assess your options moving forward.

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